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Sherwin and Cotton dog tiles

woof woof

Here's a quintet of square, emerald green and bark-coloured sepia, Victorian Sherwin and Cotton dog tiles.  Luckily, we have two tile types, two collies and three bull (???) terriers.   They look fab framed up, as can be seen on the internet, however, inserted into a garden mosaic, or an abode entrance way they could look amazing, especially if they are married up with similar colours.   Or even filled into the back of a hallstand or washstand...awesome.  Circa 1900.
A very brief layperson summary:   These  tiles are made using the dog's negative image, it is then applied to light sensitive gelatin.  The following day the exposed gelatin is washed to reveal a relief photographic image.  A mold is made from the processed gelatin; the mold is placed on the tile, glazed and fired.  Hence a photographic tile.  This process was designed by the artist George Cartlidge, who worked with Sherwin and Cotton potteries.
The tiles are of various conditions.  The cheaper tiles are crazed and less rich in colour.  There is the odd superficial scratch on the higher priced tiles.  We have priced all these tiles accordingly.
Dimensions: 155 approximate Square, 10 Deep

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