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Gieve Matthews & Seagrove ltd Naval Officer's Chest

L😍ve it.

A Gieve Matthews and Seagrove naval officer's chest.  I can just envisage this fantastic iron strapped, pine chest filled with his officer's kit, the working rig, and his best uniform along with toiletries, collars and smalls.  The 0.4cubic metre, chest interior is fairly simple with removable partition sliders to separate the interior to three compartments.  This trunk has long parted company with its detailed teak smalls sliding trays and lock.  You could squash in a fair few preschoolers.... oops I mean blankets/doonas/manchester in here...  Pretty good condition, structurally intact, patina in bumps and scrapes, and a darker toned lid (ingrained grubbiness), and there are possible forklift tine holes near the base iron straps, front and back.  Circa 1905.

Dimensions:  1065 Long, 610 Deep, 690 High


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