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Curvy French Oak Partners Desk

This wonderful curvacious centenarian French Oak partners desk returned to Johnnie boy after thirty years away.  We have carefully restored her in October '21.  The ornate fresco carvings across the front and back waists of the desk are luscious.  The cupboards are deep with curved door panels:  RHS is a cupboard, LHS has slider trays within.  The oak veneer desk top equally flat, but curvy on the edges.  Would actually look stunning as a foyer table graced with sculpture, photos or ceramics.  For studying at, the desk probably needs further foot discs beneath the clawed feet, to lift the desk up allowing the desk user to sit flush.    Circa 1920.

Dimensions:  1685 Long, 830 Deepest, 790 Height, 700 Kneehole width, 540 Kneehole height (floor to tip of distal ventral carved fresco)


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